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No warning, No mercy. Out There…
In the newest fast-paced thriller from Absurd Productions Pictures,
strangers probe a secret they’ll own to the grave.

While joy riding along a lonely wooded road, two cars converge at the feet of a mutilated body. Stranded, the group forces deeper into the woods, farther from the comforts …and safety… civilization brings. Soon an invisible menace hunts new prey. Lurking closely by, unseen terror draws the group apart, bringing fear in hallucinations of friends and lovers.

Separated from the others and with no other way out, Lauren (Donna Byrne, Taste of Desperation) allies with the last local resident (B-Horror movie veteran Marvin Kennedy) for a final, albeit futile, attempt at escape. Also starring Brian Dean, Peggy Kearns, and Mary Egan.

Because getting lost and being found are worlds apart … when you’re out there.

Out There, the follow-up film to Taste of Desperation, found APP looking to something different: new cast, new genre, short feature. Out There had no interior shots, quick cuts, a small cast, and lots of motion. Constant pacing keeps the film moving quickly. As a short feature, Out There allowed a slew of deleted scenes and additional footage to be packaged as Taste of Desperation Volume 2 (discussed below). Out There won Honorable Mention at the 2011 The Indie Gathering (http://www.imdb.com/event/ev0001331/2011) and was screened as an Official Selection at the 2011 Horrorfind Film Festival, the 2016 Horror Hotel Film Festival, and the 2016 Scares That Care Weekend Film Festival.

The Out There disc also Includes:

Taste of Desperation Volume II, Extended Scenes and Special Features: Vol. 2 presents edited out footage from original 1 hour, 57 minute cut for the first time.
* Director’s Commentary: Extended scenes and unused footage
* Extended Scenes (12 Chapters): Complete scenes from the original 1:57 cut.      Final cut at 1:43
* aRTFilm: Unreleased psychedelic short

Bonus Feature: Out There trailer

See cast list and more at IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/title/tt2053406

Official Selection 2016 Scares That Care Weekend Film Fest


© 2010 Absurd Productions Pictures

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