Small Fish Small Pond

Now, in the tradition of classic drinking dramas from The Lost Weekend to Barfly comes Small Fish Small Pond.

For big-talking and alcohol-fueled writer Eagle Thorenton (Brian Dean, Taste of Desperation), success looms large as life’s only option. Then one morning, he washed up dead behind Pal’s bar after a drunken stupor, and his unpublished novel became a best seller. Now the clamor begins to meet this sometime likable and always drunken rogue. Joining a reporter (Donna Byrne, Taste of Desperation), and Eagle’s wife Carrie (Julia Morrissey, Forbidden Room) on our quest to dissect this man, we enter his world to crash the bars and dives of a small fishing village and along the way meet boozemate Dutch (Barry McEvoy, An Everlasting Piece), saucy waitress Selma (Peggy Kearns, Out There), and ever-patient bartender Charlie (Sam Goodrich).

For Eagle, living as a nobody was worth the chance to die a legend. While nowhere near as dark as films IronWeed, Days of Wine and Roses, and Leaving Las Vegas, Small Fish Small Pond explores many aspects of the same territory: romanticized idea of a drunk dead writer, character studies, human worthiness, bar angst, and unrequited love.

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