ArtaLot May, July, and September APP Booths

Thanks to all who stopped by the booth during this season’s ArtaLot. We attended the Festival in May, July, and September.

Special thanks to Shaun van Steyn, Jaye Howard, and Kevin Mellema for guesting at the booth in May. Also ArtALot founder Tom Gittins. July announced the Indie Gathering and Horrorfind screenings. September featured guests Marvin Kennedy and Paul Horning. Pics and more below!

The APP booth at the ArtaLot Festival on Friday May 4 featured Writer/Director Mark Byrne in attendance, with copies of APP films for sale and never seen footage of the upcoming feature length drinking drama, Small Fish Small Pond. Shaun van Steyn of Forbidden Room, Jaye Howard of Small Fish Small Pond and Kevin Mellema of Taste of Desperation were guests at the booth. Also Taste of Desperation and Out There star Donna Byrne presented her abstract paintings at an adjacent booth. Join us July 6 for more surprises!