Subconscious Reality

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In the Corporate Republic of utopiA, the Board of a group of conglomerates rules with an iron fist, dictating profit above all else. Gradually their paranoia extends to destroy all of society, eliminating the citizens and leaving only the Board conglomerates, and the “forces” (control, policy, and armed) who protect the Board. When suspicions arise of a new underground of ex-agents and a mole within the Board’s structure, a new battle is begun. Earlier, during the war when the Board seized power, many agents were implanted with a chip for mind control and recording events. The Board now suspects that the mole comes from one of the remaining 8 agents with an implanted chip.

Rather than eliminate them directly, the Board decides to pit them against each other through a series of bogus missions. These missions put Agent Agitate (Jim Toepper, The Essentials) and Ambassador Barre (Mark Byrne, Small Fish Small Pond) from Control, Agent Adhere (Donna Byrne, Out There) from Policy, and a Colonel (Paul Horning, Forbidden Room) from Armed Forces in line to question potential “witnesses” including Implicit (Lana Wood, Diamonds are Forever) and The Seer (Conrad Brooks, Taste of Desperation). The Board figures blurred lines and divided loyalties eventually unearth the spy; and even if not, the 8 with the chip are still eliminated, believing that alone will quell rebellion. But misreading the people’s unending quest for freedom may prove the Board’s greatest flaw.

Also featuring Julia Morrissey, Marvin Kennedy, John Paul Andrews, Courtney McRae, Bill Olt, and Jim Lynch

Subconscious Reality. an apocalyptic sci-fi.

all is not right in utopiA.

Vimeo! See the trailer: Subconscious Reality trailer on vimeo

Promotional Trailers. We created two promos while the shooting continued across 9 different mid-atlantic locations. The promos won the 2016 Amazicon Short Film Contest! See these award winning SR promos below:

Subconscious Reality Promo featuring Lana Wood!

Subconscious Reality Combat Promo with Conrad Brooks

Subconscious Reality Mentioned in Chicago Tribune

Subconscious Reality Official Selection 2017 STC Film Fest

Winner – 2nd and 3rd place awards!  horror hotel  and  indiegathering

Subconscious Reality makes APP’s West VA debut

Cast and friends story Subconscious Reality News Press story

Pictures from initial film screening Cast and Friends Showing

Subconscious Reality Former Prime Page

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