New film screening at Amazicon!!!



Absurd Production Pictures  presents

Film Screening —Friday 8 PM:   Small Fish Small Pond

Amazicon’s Initial Independent Film Screening       April 5  2013            Essington PA, Clarion Hotel and Conference Center,   76 Industrial Highway Rte 1  “events page”

For big talking, booze-driven writer Eagle Thorenton, success was the only option — no matter the risk. Then one morning he washed up behind Pal’s Bar after a drunken stupor, and his unpublished novel became a best seller. Now everyone wants to know what happened to this sometime likable and always drunken rogue. His story unfolds from those who knew him best – his wife, agent, and fellow bar hounds. Absurd Productions Pictures presents a new drinking drama, crashing the bars and dives of a small fishing village to meet the guy who lived as a nobody, but died a legend.