Absurd Productions Pictures screens 2 short films at this year’s Amazicon

Saturday, April 5, 2014, 11:30-1:00 PM, Washington Room A, Clarion Hotel, 76 Industrial Hwy, Rte 291, Essington, PA 19029. Absurd Productions Pictures announces the Philadelphia area premiere of the short horror film, Out There. Stars Donna Byrne and Marvin Kennedy will be in attendance. This film has not screened publicly in over 3 years!

Out There: While joy riding along a lonely wooded road, two cars converge at the feet of a mutilated body. Stranded, the group probes deeper into the woods, farther from the comforts …and safety… civilization brings. Soon an invisible menace hunts new prey. Lurking closely by, unseen terror draws the group apart, bringing fear in hallucinations of friends and lovers. Because getting lost and being found are worlds apart … when you’re out there.

Following Out There is the Pennsylvania debut of Absurd Productions Pictures’ first release, the short dark comedy The Worker Bees. Digitized images and remixed sound from the original S-VHS version will be part a late 2014 DVD release. In celebration of the upcoming release, The Worker Bees makes its first (and probably only) public showing in over 12 years!

The Worker Bees: Collins is excited about her new full-time opportunity at XYZ Company, away from the unsure and low paying grind of temping. But this happiness proves short-lived as she descends into the sterile world of power trippers, back stabbers, loud mouths, ass kissers, and liars. Welcome to the Corporate World! 

Pictures from the convention include Out There star Marvin Kennedy with celebrity guests Veronica Carlson and Larry Storch, PA/NJ actor Bill Olt with Dennis the Menace stars Jay North and Jeannie Russell, Donna and Mark Byrne at the booth, and a screen grab from the Worker Bees screening room!

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