Current Events

We will place current screenings or appearances at the top of this page. The remainder of the page remembers previous screenings. We have filmed, screened, and run the booth across the mid- atlantic, including New York, Ohio, District of Columbia, Virginia, Pennsylvania, Maryland, West Virginia, Delaware, and North and South Carolina.

Past Events

APP set up a DVD/merch table at the Four State Comicon in Harrisburg, PA On August 26 and 27.

One of One debuts on May 26 at the Winchester Alamo: tickets here

One of One, a dark comedy with stoner elements, features the mid-atlantic’s top shelf talent, plus Nancy Anne Ridder (Scream) in her first film back after a hiatus, and the iconic George Stover (Brazen Impact).

Brazen Impact Screening, September 24, 8 PM Moe’s Peyton Place, Springfield VA Tickets $15 – ALL TICKET SALES go to ST. JUDES CHILDRENS HOSPITAL! <event was cancelled>

Brazen Impact Screening | August 13 | 10:10 | | | | | || | | | | | | Indie Gathering Film Fest, 4181 West 150th Street, Cleveland, OH | Screening is included in festival admission fee

Brazen Impact closes the night, Saturday August 13. Winner 3rd Place Crime Feature

Subconscious Reality Remaster Screening! | Sunday July 10 | Waynesboro Theatre, Waynesboro PA 2:00 PM

Conrad Brooks twin bill – first Subconscious Reality, also featuring Lana Wood and Marvin Kennedy; and then Plan 9 From Outer Space, also featuring Bela Lugosi, Tor Johnson, and Vampira.

APP will host its last planned 2022 booth appearance at the Subconscious Reality screening on July 10. The screening, twin billed with Plan 9 From Outer Space, is dedicated to the lives of Conrad Brooks, who appears in both films, and Marvin Kennedy, who both appears and plays music in Subconscious Reality. APP will receive no funds from this screening, instead all proceeds will be for the non-profit theatre and a fund raiser for actress Vanessa Rae Bent. We will have all of our DVDs for sale featuring these mid-atlantic legends, including Taste of Desperation, as well as more recent films, Remnants and Brazen Impact. Most of these DVDs are out of print and only available from us, including Bigfoot!, Small Fish Small Pond, remastered Subconscious Reality, and the short films merged into Three on a Match. This is the last planned screening of Subconscious Reality, which should be back up streaming soon.

BRAZEN IMPACT debuted in Waynesboro PA. Our first film premiere in PA!

We’ll continue announcing events involving the APP booth, featuring Brazen Impact DVD and remastered versions of Remnants and Subconscious Reality. Taste of Desperation also in stock!