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the past… ever lasting

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Trapped between the worlds of the living and the dead, remnants are a violent memory burned into a space. These remnants may be good or bad, just as in life. But what happens once these memories between worlds are set free? In the paranormal epicenter of Gettysburg PA, wealthy businessman Snap Nimzer (Jim Krut, Dawn of the Dead) invents a new business: “clearing” remnants from our realm with a crew able to “see” these lost souls. All the while just below him, a portal separates human and remnant worlds.

Along the way these tortured beings make themselves known, including Remy (Monique Dupree, Troma Films), the tormenter of Deniece (Mel Heflin, Bigfoot!). When a professor (George Stover, Attack of the 60 Foot Centerfold) discovers the portal breached by a new threat — a serial killing clown — the group goes on high alert. Snap’s team draws ever closer to remnant world to right, re-live, join, or escape the past. But this realm between worlds demands the intruder pay a heavy price. Remnants the past…ever lasting

Remnants premiered at the Alamo Drafthouse in Winchester VA, followed immediately by a limited theatrical release at the New Page Theatre in Luray VA, screening multiple times daily alongside classic films like The Big Lebowski. Remnants screened again in WV, NC, and PA, first on a twin bill with the original Halloween film for a Halloween showing in Keyser WV; then again as Official Selections in the Carolina Fear Fest and Nightmares on Main Street Film Fest. The film screened one final time as part of the Horror Realm Film Festival in Pittsburgh.

Remnants, APP’s first horror feature and 10th overall film completed location shooting in 2020, including Gettysburg, Washington DC, Virginia, and West Virginia, plus Baltimore, Silver Spring, Hagerstown, and Frederick, MD. The film features many regional actors: Jim Krut, George Stover, Gus Zucco, Hillary Styer, Monique Dupree, Mel Heflin, Jeremy Ogre Amos, Jess Conley, Mathew Amos, Casey Wallace, Colleen Tidd, Matthew Furman, Tom Touhey, Ashley Homura, Charming Grissett, Rick Jermain, Matt Burns, Rita Christine, Jesse L Green, and many more! Available now stream or DVD!

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