One Life One Earth

One Life One Earth Productions creates non-fiction documentary films specializing in the arts, film, the environment, and food safety. The title plays on Nathan Hale’s quote “… but one life to give for my country” in that we have but one life to give for our planet. Our Films include Clark V Fox: Dragonfly on the Wall and Conrad Brooks Recollects.

Releasing Fall/Winter 2023, Clark V Fox: Dragonfly on the Wall “Conversation…not Dissertation” Leave behind traditional, boring art history for a wild ride into the electrifying world and inspiring work of Clark V Fox – the stories, the histories, the art. Colorist, pop artist, Native American, pointillist, historian, mail artist, and godfather of underground art. Learn Clark’s story while seeing his extensive work, unfiltered in his own words, in this relaxed yet personal documentary. IMDB PAGE


Conrad Brooks Recollects is an interview with Conrad about the celebrities he met when he first arrived in Hollywood in the late 40s. His stories of being at DW Griffith’s funeral alongside Charlie Chaplin, shooting with Lugosi and Price, going to Stan Laurel’s house, meeting Karloff in an elevator, and almost tripping over Clint Eastwood should not be missed. This film is out of print. Only available from the APP booth during screenings and conventions, a Forbidden Room DVD bonus feature. Plans for future release under One Life One Earth.