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Brazen Impact

Cops. Criminals. Choices. Consequences.

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Absurd Productions Pictures presents its 11th film and 7th feature film, Brazen Impact. This crime action film looks at a criminal organization, the Governmental forces out to stop them, and the choices each of them make. When a crime boss (Clark Fox, Taste of Desperation) is knocked off, multiple second tier bosses vie for power. Meanwhile a task force of Government agents and police veterans has assembled, led by a Secret Service operative (George Stover, Remnants), a hothead cop (Christopher Inlow), and his more grounded partner (Lisa Hoffmann), all watching over a lawyer (Sharon Smyth Lentz, Dark Shadows) the crime syndicate is looking to take out. Each decision deals a consequence. As the two sides whittle down, gunplay and a string of encounters determines each fate.

George Stover and Sharon Smyth Lentz headline cast including Helene Udy.

As in all APP features, this will be a unique film that charts its own path with lots of twists, turns, and memorable characters, not copycatting or fitting into a predetermined box. Crime films often follow a Tarantino/ Elmore Leonard route or a Scorsese route, and although influenced by both, we really tried to steer clear of obvious crime film and director traits. As independent filmmakers, we strive to do what Hollywood is not doing.

Brazen Impact stars Christopher Inlow, Lisa Hoffmann, Sharon Smyth Lentz, George Stover, Matt Burns, Yasmin Qudah, Clark Fox, Colleen Tidd, Rick Jermain, Donna Byrne, & Helene Udy. Plus a soundtrack featuring heavy rock, jazz, surf, rap, alternative, triphop & country!

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