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One of One

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An item… an idea… a rejection. A dark comedy…with pretty colors!
APP weaves dark comedy with stoner comedy in the new film One of One

One of One is a dark comedy surrounding a contest proposed by an eccentric millionaire to produce a unique “item” or “invention” along with a story idea for a slot on a writer’s team. A group of oddballs attempt to join the team including a go-getter and her stoner sister, a crazy narcissist, a trouble maker, a wanna-be comedian, a well meaning confuser, a karma-seeking vegan, and a weed dealer. – – One of One. An item… an idea… a rejection…

The film features only five actors returning from previous roles with us, along with a brand new cast of performers who are new to APP. Returning cast are George Stover (Brazen Impact), Damia Torhagen (Bigfoot!), Russell Sage Patrick (Brazen Impact), Lyly Hoang Wight (Small Fish Small Pond), and Carlye Rosenthal (Remnants). Among the many actors joining us for the first time are Kay Leahy, Kathryn Andrea, Lisa Hillstrom, Marcus Lawrence, Chanda Rawlings, Michael McGlynn, and Todd Bobenrieth. In addition we feature Nancy Anne Ridder from the original Scream film and Andy Bakner and Ed Hopf, Jr, from multiple Conrad Brooks films!

The film screened in May in Virginia and will screen in February in Pennsylvania at a to be announced date. More streaming channel info coming ! See Link for Premier tickets

To some, the thrill of the chase is the win. Vicky is the brains of the film.
For others, a buzz is all you need! Carolyn is the heart of the film.