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Forbidden Room

Mystery – what lies inside…the forbidden room

On the outskirts of town, a once vibrant room now lies closed and forgotten — holding tight a tragic memory. A dark night sees a woman die violently, leaving   a grieving family to face a town who dares never to speak of their loss, unless in hushed whispers. Soon, strangers Diana (Mary Egan, Out There) and later Valerie (Donna Byrne, Taste of Desperation), link with those who remain, the daughter Marilyn (Julia Morrissey, Small Fish Small Pond) and her father, Paul Stoddard (Paul Horning, Subconscious Reality). Though warned to never enter the mother’s room, bright lights and shrill creaks awaken the night to lure the innocent toward the door. Rumor of the father’s strange behavior hints of a menace beyond normal dispair, leading local officials to make their presence felt. While Marilyn shields her father from prying eyes, Diana’s dreams beg her to run yet implore her to stay — to seek out what can only be understood by opening the door … to the forbidden room.

Also featuring Tim Vanech, Liz Day, and Shaun van Steyn

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Forbidden Room screened and won Honorable Mention, Suspense Thriller – Short at the 2012 The Indie Gathering, and screened as an Official Selection at the 2012 Horrorfind Film Festival and as part of 2015 Scares that Care Weekend Film Fest, airing twice- Sat, July 25 at 3:05 and Sunday, July 26 at 2:31PM.

The following information is from the legacy DVD release that is now out of print. Forbidden Room streams as part of 3 on a Match.

BONUS FEATURE: Conrad Brooks Recollects

Arriving a fresh faced kid in late 1940s Hollywood, Conrad Brooks lived among today’s film legends. Stars greater than life. Whether on a movie set, the track, or the bars where Hollywood played. Now in an exclusive APP interview, hear Conrad recollect from nearly 60 years in film:

*   Standing beside Charlie Chaplin at DW Griffith’s funeral

*   Meeting Classic Universal monsters: Lugosi, Karloff, Price, Chaney, Carradine

*   Acting as part of the Ed Wood troupe and in the Tim Burton film

*   Rubbing shoulders with Welles, Stewart, Wayne, Brando, Laurel, Eastwood, Depp, and Sinatra

Available as a special bonus feature with the Forbidden Room DVD release

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