Feature Film

3 on a Match

The 3 sides of TERROR

watch trailers: 3 on a Match . thriller Two Many horror Out There . mystery Forbidden Room . Stream options: Kings of Horror

This anthology feature film presents three sides of terror. 1st suspense thriller TWO MANY, centers on a man whose doppelganger infiltrates his life. Next comes horror, OUT THERE, where invisible swamp creatures attack those who dare enter their domain. Finally, Hitchcock meets David Lynch in a house holding a secret in a closed off room in mystery, FORBIDDEN ROOM. 3 on a match, 3 sides of terror.

Originally released in 2010, 2011, and 2014, these short films were dvd only releases until being combined for this stream-only feature. See more at IMDB Out There . Forbidden Room . Two Many . 3oaM

See stand alone pages: Out There . Forbidden Room . Two Many

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