Short Film/TV Feature

Two Many

Suspense- thriller – Beware the face in the crowd

On a sunny day in Washington DC, Skip (Nello DeBlasio, Small Fish Small Pond) is on his way to a local gallery hangout. Suddenly he sees an identical twin in the street, and his life up to that moment changes forever. Obsessed with his doppelganger, Skip spies from afar and tries to formulate a safe approach. Soon the alter ego starts to appear at his house, his office, his hangout. The twin always seems to arrive before Skip, appearing at every corner and even along a desolate road outside town. His girlfriend (Mary Egan, Forbidden Room) and sister (Donna Byrne, Out There) begin to identify the twin as Skip, while he becomes less and less relevant to his own life. His apprehensions are met with part derision, part concern, but little belief that Skip’s fears are justified.

Finally the twin lets Skip know that he too is aware of the existence of the other. Feeling disenfranchised with no place to turn, Skip rents out a storage space with no street address from an artist friend, Leo (Richard Siegman, Taste of Desperation). The last outpost. When the twin invades Skip’s final hideout, a confrontation erupts to deal with the one too many. Because two existing as one, within the same time and place, are just two many. In a battle of willpower and substantiation, which personality will prevail? Two Many. Beware the face in the crowd.

Two Many debuted at the initial Scares that Cares Weekend Film Festival in Williamsburg. Following that performance, Two Many screened and received honorable mention at the 2014 Indie Gathering, screened at the 2014 Amazicon, and screened at the cast and friends showing at PASS Gallery in DC.

The following data is from the original legacy website for the out of print DVD. The film now streams as part of 3 on a Match.

This DVD release is a double feature with APP’s first film, the newly digitized The Worker Bees. Released as the lead for The Shorts, The Worker Bees joins trailers from each of APP’s other short films. Bonus features include a talk by Writer/Director Mark Byrne from the 2013 Amazicon, a look at the original The Worker Bees packaging, and the short film artFilm.

Additional bonus features include a look at the original VHS packaging and the re-release of artFilm (originally part of TOD Volume 2). Also, Director Mark Byrne gave a talk about APP’s various genres at the 2013 Amazicon pop culture festival, prior to the premiere showing of Small Fish Small Pond. The talk has been enhanced with scenes from the films discussed and will also be available as a DVD bonus feature.

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