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opposites detract… it’s mismatch

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Absurd Productions Pictures presents its first foray into comedy since its initial offering with the dark comedy The Worker BeesMismatch is set in the studio of a small independent production company creating a test tape for a potential reality show pilot. But this pilot does not follow the traditional script, instead pairing contestants against type for confrontation rather than attraction. Cause with mismatch, opposites detract! The contestants are goth, workaholic, sorority girl, conspiratist, knowit all, player, gossip, tweener sports guy, compulsive liar, cheapskate, and hippy chick.

The film reunites a few “old favorites” while also bringing in several new actors. Star Julia Morrissey performed lead roles in previous APP films Subconscious RealitySmall Fish Small Pond, and Forbidden Room. Nello DeBlasio starred in Two Many and Mary Egan starred in Forbidden Room. Also returning from Subconscious Reality are Liza Hoang and Courtney McRae; and from Small Fish Small Pond are Lyly Hoang-Kuo and Sam Goodrich. New to APP are Matt Burns, Shelly van Steyn, Jeremy Brown, and James Day.

As a special thank you to our customers, supporters, and friends out there, we are streaming the film for free at this page. Mismatch won Honorable Mention for Comedy and screened as an Official Selection at the only festival it was entered, the 2018 Indie Gathering Film Festival.  Click “Watch Movie” and “Watch Trailer” above.

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